Haunted Sideshow
"Their Eyes All Aglow"
Haunted Sideshow
In October 2014, the Haunted Sideshow team participated in The 72 Film Fest in Frederick, MD. Over 40 amateur, student and professional teams took part in the competition, with the theme of "Movie Mashups." Each team was given two famous movies to mashup into a new short film — to boil the essence of the film down, or the essence of a famous scene from the film, or the essence of the character arc, etc., and then combine it with the next one. Teams then had 72 hours to conceive, write, cast, shoot, edit, score and deliver their finished films.
Team Haunted Sideshow was given the films "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Miracle on 34th Street." Of course, being Haunted Sideshow, we decided to give our mashup the horror movie treatment. It wasn't an easy task, but we are amazingly proud of our team and the finished film, "Their Eyes All Aglow." We were a finalist in the competition and took home the award for Best Music & Sound!
Directed by Dustin Putman and Paul Puglisi
Written by Dustin Putman
Cast: Sarah Puglisi, Carol Putman and Josie Geouge

Desperate to save a loved one, a young woman finds her belief in Santa tested when she is confronted with the Dark Side of the Christmas Spirit in this untimely Yuletide chiller.