The Fright File: 150 Films to See Before Halloween
A New Book by Dustin Putman
The Fright File presents some of the most frightening, fun and forgotten movies ever made from one of the earliest names in popular online film criticism.

For over fifteen years, Dustin Putman has offered his trademark insight on movies of every kind as a syndicated Internet film critic, publishing over 2,500 reviews to date. However, Dustin has always been the most passionate about the films that frighten. The Fright File collects 150 of these essays from the horror genre and beyond, featuring films from Hollywood and around the world—including some never-before-published exclusives.

A love letter to a film genre that is often misunderstood, yet continues to be amazingly popular year after year, The Fright File is an invaluable companion for novice fans as well as discriminating fright enthusiasts.

Highlighting "150 Films to See Before Halloween," The Fright File is your passport to an entertaining journey on which to (re)discover some of the most iconic motion pictures ever made, as well as lesser known gems that you may have missed. Sure, you might not be able to catch them all before this October 31st, but the dawn brings 364 more movie nights that are still "Before Halloween!"

The Fright File includes: The Blair Witch Project Creepshow Don't Look Now The Exorcist The Fog Friday the 13th Halloween A Nightmare on Elm Street Nosferatu Poltergeist Psycho Scream The Shining The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Trick 'r Treat and 135 more frights to feast upon!

©2013 Dustin Putman

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